Join the Homesteading Mastermind

Building a sustainable homestead can be difficult!

Setbacks, miscalculations, unforeseen costs, burn out and bad weather are just a few difficulties that can happen when trying to turn land into a dream project.

I’m Andrew Shindyapin, the founder of AutoMicroFarm. For the last eight years, I have been working on AutoMicroFarm, which started with a question: is it possible to grow the majority of the food you and your family needs in your backyard? Can you do so in a regular-sized backyard, in just a few hours a week, while raising the food sustainably?

The question led me on quite an adventure! In fact, my own backyard has not only aquaponics, but also a food forest, conventional gardens, and a composting box. I was, and still, am, interested in adding a chicken tractor, beehives, and mushroom cultivation to the mix.

Looking back, the journey would have been much more fun if I had a community of homesteaders to bounce off ideas and plans, and learn from experience; deeper than what you have on discussion forums.

Here is the format and details of the mastermind group:

  • Private community group for chatting and sharing (using Slack as the application).
  • Weekly video calls (using Zoom as the video application).
  • Monthly themes, topics, or homesteading / gardening book discussions.
  • Access to the AutoMicroFarm Beta app (Edible Estate).

Sound interesting? Please sign up below.