Welcome To Your Edible Estate

Do you dream of growing your food just a few short feet from your dining table? You've done your research, but you're struggling to put together an action plan?

Use this app to put your design together and make it work best, whether growing plants in containers, in a raised garden bed, or a food forest!

  • Design your yard and see it before you grow it.
  • Receive hard-won advice specific to your region: what plants grow in your hardiness zone, and the first and last frost dates.
  • Get perfectly-timed prompts when to plant, prune, and harvest.
  • Know how much you can grow in your yard, and if that will be enough for your family.
  • Implement and improve your design in stages.
  • Join a community of gardeners all over the globe to help you stay on track, share advice, and find a community within your own local area for sharing.

I'm incredibly excited about offering the app to people passionate about growing their food in their yard. If you’re sick of paper and pencil, generic programs that don’t really give you a representation of what you’re doing, and you want a garden planning tool that actually uses your yard and not just a generic template, don't delay.

Not satisfied for any reason? Just let me know within 30 days of being charged, and I will refund your payment, no questions asked!

Money Back Guarantee