An Aquaponics Garden for Your Backyard

Below are some examples of various AutoMicroFarm configurations, with and without fencing. In each example, the vegetable beds are elevated above the fish tank to allow the water to drain back into the fish tank.

Current Setup

This is a photograph of the current AutoMicroFarm setup.

Plain AutoMicroFarm Example

This is an example image of a simple AutoMicroFarm built into a slope, with the vegetable beds close together. No other support materials are needed in this example.

AutoMicroFarm with Picket Fence

This example illustrates a picket fence surrounding the AutoMicroFarm. The vegetable beds and the fish tank are situated in a straight line.

AutoMicroFarm with Curved Compsite Decking and Lattice

In this image, the AutoMicroFarm is framed with a curved composite decking board, with a lattice forming the wall of the fence.

AutoMicroFarm is an aquaponics garden, so your plants are automatically watered and fertilized. The fish feed the plants. The plants clean the water for the fish.

You get vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans (whatever you plant) as well as fish for your harvest. I have researched and implemented the best practices of aquaponics so you don't have to. It's easy and convenient to maintain: just plant, prune, harvest, and feed the fish!

Take a look at the manual to see the parts list and instructions on how to set up the AutoMicroFarm. If you're in the RTP area of North Carolina, I will set up the AutoMicroFarm for you when you purchase the system, at no additional charge!

A well-run AutoMicroFarm will produce enough vegetables and fish to pay for itself in six months.


Full Do-It-Yourself System, Plumbing Tools, and support: $449

What you get: I will ship you the AutoMicroFarm system and the plumbing tools needed to install the plumbing. I also offer full support for the AutoMicroFarm. Limited time offer: if you're in the RTP area, I will install the AutoMicroFarm for no additional charge!

What you need: You will need to prepare the ground at the location where you want your AutoMicroFarm, digging and leveling as needed. The price does not include preparing the site for the AutoMicroFarm or optional fencing.

Note: The AutoMicroFarm will ship (or be installed) within 4 to 6 weeks of the order. If you would like a full installation and you're located elsewhere, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Just the Support: $49

What you get: I will help and advise you on buying the needed parts and setting up the AutoMicroFarm using the manual.

What you need: You will need to prepare the ground at the location where you want your AutoMicroFarm, digging and leveling as needed. Then, you will need to purchase the necessary parts and install the AutoMicroFarm.

Note: You are purchasing a month of support. That month can begin at a later date, any time after the purchase. Just let me know when you need my help.



Andrew Shindyapin
Founder, YCombinator Fellow

I’m Andrew Shindyapin, the founder of AutoMicroFarm. I’ve always dreamed of marvelous inventions that would help save (or at least improve) the world.

For the last six years, I have been working on AutoMicroFarm as a side project, with the vision of designing automated farming systems that make the world a better place for myself and others. My current prototype is the fifth one. I am thrilled that AutoMicroFarm has been selected by the Hacker News community to be part of the third batch of the YCombinator Fellowship.

I'm also incredibly excited to bring the first AutoMicroFarm product to the market. It's just the first in a line of products that will automatically grow healthy, delicious, and wholesome food for you and your family. My vision it to make growing food in your back yard as easy as having solar panels installed on your roof to generate your own energy!

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