Backyard Design

Grow the food your family needs in your yard.

Grow abundant food with minimal maintenance in a beautiful garden! Get the Garden Planning Spreadsheet when you sign up (email subscription optional).

Design Your Edible Estate.

Design your yard and see it before you grow it.
Get perfectly-timed prompts when to plant, prune, and harvest.
Implement and improve your design in stages.
Backyard Design

I’m Andrew Shindyapin, the founder of AutoMicroFarm. I’ve always dreamed of marvelous inventions that would help, save, or improve the world.

For the last eight years, I have been working on AutoMicroFarm, which started with a question: is it possible to grow the majority of the food you and your family needs in your backyard?

I'm incredibly excited about offering the Edible Estate app to people passionate about growing their food in their yard. I hope you join me in designing your Edible Estate on the app!

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