The Vision

What if you could grow the majority of the food essentials that your family needs—vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and beans—in an area the size of a two-car garage? What if that food kept you healthy and skinny? What if the time to maintain it took less than looking after your vegetable garden? What if the ongoing cost for this was 90% less than groceries cost you now? What if it paid for itself within five or six years?

That is the project we are working on, called AutoMicroFarm. To find out more, sign up here (no spam ever, we promise!)

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Details: AutoMicroFarm is an automated farm system that enables gardeners to grow their food with a system that replaces time, effort, and agricultural expertise with design, technology, and software. It is an open-source aquaponics system with best-of-class design, monitoring and automation to make it easy to maintain.

Thanks to all who helped out in the recent crowdfunding campaign! In particular, we'd like to thank Jeremy Banks and Sean P. for donating via Paypal.

Click the images below to see some renderings of AutoMicroFarm units.


About Us


Andrew Shindyapin

As far as I can remember, I always had my head in the clouds, as my mom used to say. I’ve dreamed of marvelous inventions that would help save (or at least improve) the world. While in college, I studied materials science and engineering, and a bit of entrepreneurship, to help turn some of those inventions into reality. I’ve started a clean-energy startup that I worked on the side while doing various materials engineering related day jobs. However, a few years ago, a new side project required that I learn to program, so I did that. While that particular project didn’t work out, my newly-learned programming skills helped me land a job as a web developer. In AutoMicroFarm, I found my passion of designing automated farming systems that make the world a better place for myself and others.

Maybe You?

Maybe You?

If you are excited about seeing the AutoMicroFarm vision become a reality, are relentlessly resourceful, and are interested in becoming a co-founder of AutoMicroFarm, we should talk (and perhaps work on small project together to get to know each others' working styles). Contact me and we'll grab coffee.